History of KPBC


Kilbourne Park Baptist Church was founded by Mrs. M. B. (Annie Cochcraft) Greene who took her critically ill husband to the countryside of Columbia in search of health. She planted the seed of a church by opening a Sunday school in the dining room of her home. In 1918 Mrs. Greene began taking older children to Shandon Baptist Church by trolley. She was distressed because mothers and the younger children were left out and began teaching Bible stories each Sunday afternoon in her dining room. Later she was approached by Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Reed, who helped locate a permanent building to organize a church

On August 17, 1927, the Springdale Memorial Baptist Church was officially organized with thirty-six charter members. It was so named because the building stood in the dale of trees by a spring, the location of which is now the Kathwood area. The little church had been in progress for fourteen months prior to becoming officially organized and had been a self-supporting organization from the beginning. Early members recall the collection plate being passed a second time if collections did not come to $5.00 per Sunday, as that amount was necessary to pay the $6.50 monthly building rental fee plus other expenses, which also included the minister's salary.


Rev. Marcellus Calvin Padgett was called as the first minister and served from 1927 until 1929. He was followed by Rev. James Griffin Jennings, whose pastorate was from 1929 until 1933, and Rev. Thomas Edward Hammond, who served from 1933 until 1937. The little congregation continued meeting in the rented building for some time, still seeking a permanent home. A possible site on Brennen Road was abandoned when a better location was acquired.


Rev. Thomas Benjamin Lanham became pastor in November 1937. It was during his pastorate that the congregation purchased one and nine-tenths acres at the intersection of Beltline Boulevard, Kilbourne Road and Pinemont Drive from Mr. J. T. Compton, for $4,625.00. Mr. Lanham used his five insurance policies with Equitable Life to borrow the amount of $5,000 to make the loan to purchase the Compton property. Services were held on this location in a one and one-half story frame building beginning October 1938. With the move, the church name was changed to the Greene Memorial Baptist Church in honor of Mrs. Greene and later, at her suggestion, named Kilbourne Park Baptist Church in order to take advantage of the geographical location. The purchase price of the land was paid off two years ahead of the allotted time, even though there were only six to eight families who were contributing to the church regularly out of the membership of seventy people.


During these years the drums of war were being heard closer and closer. Nearby Ft. Jackson was a booming campground with lonely young men from all over the United States who were being sent there for training.


On some Sunday mornings 150 to 200 Ft. Jackson soldiers crossed Gills Creek by walking a large pine tree thrown across the stream to join the congregation of Kilbourne Park Baptist Church. Members recall the little church being encircled with soldiers who stood outside and joined the hymn singing because there was not enough room to hold them all inside. Many of these young men accepted the Lord at Kilbourne Park Baptist Church. An auditorium was later built and enlarged to seat about 200 people.


Rev. T. B. Lanham resigned in 1947 due to ill health and was succeeded by Dr. Abiatha Carter Magee the same year. During the tenure of Dr. Magee a new sanctuary was built with an enlarged seating capacity of 400, at a cost of $70,000.00. This building included a basement with large assembly room, heating plant, dining room, kitchen, and Sunday School classrooms. The first service was held in the new facilities on Easter Sunday morning, April 1949. Dr. Magee was forced to resign in 1949 for health reasons.


In September 1949, Rev. Leslie Wilds Edwards assumed the pastorate at Kilbourne Park Baptist Church and served until September 1964. Shortly after the sanctuary was built in 1949, the church grew rapidly from 269 members to 1,400. In 1955 the Children’s Building and Youth Building were dedicated to the work of the Lord. Additional educational space for adults was needed. The men of the Kilbourne Park Brotherhood under the supervision of a member/contractor, used flood lights to work at night to build an eight-room Sunday School building which faced Kilbourne Road between the sanctuary and the Children’s Building. Later, it was moved to the parking area, remodeled and used to house three departments of preschoolers for Sunday School in 1959. During his pastorate the first full-time Minister of Education, James Daughtry, was called in 1954. In 1959, the sanctuary was again expanded to seat 600 persons and was completely air-conditioned, one of the first Columbia churches to do so. The fellowship building was named the “Annie Greene Building” in honor of the founder.


This beautiful sanctuary, with its surrounding educational complex, sits on a lovely four-acre tract in the Heathwood section of Columbia near Lake Katherine. Besides the sanctuary building, there are four other permanent education buildings and three houses, which comprise the education facility for church activities.


In June 1960, Woodfield Baptist Mission was sponsored by Kilbourne Park Baptist Church. The Woodfield Mission was begun on faith as the Lord led. Kilbourne Park Church had just gone into debt to expand the Sanctuary and build the Adult Educational Building. The Woodfield Mission Sunday School was staffed with teachers from Kilbourne Park. For three years their attendance and gifts were reflected in the Kilbourne Park Baptist Church budget. Woodfield Mission became a church on September 19, 1963, and Rev. Horace B. Youngblood became the first pastor.


With the resignation of Rev. Leslie Edwards in September 1964, the congregation called a church member, Dr. Wiley Roy Deal, as Interim Pastor. Dr. Deal served in this capacity until August 1965.


Rev. Thomas Edward Dougherty assumed the pastorate on August 1, 1965. During his pastorate a music room and baptismal dressing rooms were erected at the rear of the sanctuary. The sanctuary was completely redecorated, and the Children's Building renovated. The church called their first full time Minister of Music, Harold Haddox, in 1965, and Minister of Children's Work, Bob Goode, in 1969. The long awaited steeple was erected on November 26, 1969. The property on Whittaker Drive, which joins Kilbourne Park Church property, was purchased during this time. In 1977, a ground breaking was held for the $475,000 Church Family Center, a facility that provides Bible teaching, Christian training, and wholesome family entertainment and recreation.


Although educational space is included, the Church Family Center provides both an inreach and outreach ministry in the ever-expanding area of recreational activity. It was designed to provide for every member and all potential members of our church. Leisure time continually grows as a vital field of service to our Lord and the Church Family Center functions as an integral part of the ministry of Kilbourne Park Baptist Church.


In 1977, we enjoyed with pride the results of planning, sacrifice, and faith demonstrated by earlier Kilbourne Park congregations. It was fitting that our first congregational action to begin our second fifty years was the ground breaking of a new facility that demonstrated, in that same tradition, our planning, sacrifice and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our chimes were also donated and added to the steeple that same year.


On his retirement August 1, 1979, Rev. T. E. Dougherty was named Pastor Emeritus by Kilbourne Park Baptist Church.

Rev. W. L. Collins was called and was installed on January 6, 1980. During his leadership Kilbourne Park Baptist Church experienced a deepening sense of fellowship and renewal. Spiritual growth was evident and evangelism emphasized as the church sponsored two successful youth mission trips to Pennsylvania and Korea.


During the 80’s the choir loft and pulpit areas of the sanctuary were remodeled and a new sound system was installed. The church voted to purchase the house on Kilbourne Road adjacent to the Children's Building at a cost of $85,000 in May 1987.


Dr. J. Robert Cline, Jr. was installed as pastor on August 9, 1987. Under his leadership a Christian Witness Training Class was begun, encouraging members to get involved in witnessing. Dr. Cline was instrumental in beginning our new mission work with the Filipinos in the Columbia area. Also, a Singles' Ministry was started including a Singles' Sunday School Department. Dr. Cline led the congregation in a fund-raising effort that provided for extensive renovations to the church sanctuary. He was also instrumental in working with the group to establish our Intercessory Prayer Ministry. The Prayer Room has been a real ministry, reaching lives all around the world. An average of 35 prayer requests and 200 Prayergrams are written each month. Many, many members are involved in participating each week. Kilbourne Park regretfully accepted Dr. Cline’s resignation in May 1996.


Dr. Reggie McNeal served as interim pastor from May 1996 through December 1996. The Rev. Joe L. Joyner became Kilbourne Park’s pastor on January 1, 1997. After 2 years he offered his resignation on March 21, 1999. He felt he was being led to other ministry opportunities.


In May 1999, longtime member of Kilbourne Park, Rev. George Turbeville, became interim pastor. The church voted to purchase the house on the corner of Kilbourne Road and Whittaker Drive in November 1999. It was equipped to be used by missionaries while home on furlough.


On January 6, 2000, Kilbourne Park Baptist Church called the Reverend Stanley Kent Ingrum to serve as its pastor. As of November 7, 2004, Dr. Ingrum resigned to organize GraceChurch of Columbia under the sponsorship of Kilbourne Park. The churches will cooperate with the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention with no commitment beyond said sponsorship and cooperation.


On November 14, 2004, Rev. Roy A. Arnold became our interim pastor. He was loved by everyone. Under his leadership, a two-day conference was held at White Oak Conference Center to plan and discuss the needs of our church.


On Sunday, March 13, 2005, Henry Stanford, Director of the Cooperative Program of the SCBC, made a special presentation to KPBC for reaching the $3,000,000 mark in giving to the Cooperative Program of the SBC. This is a testament to the longstanding commitment to missions of KPBC members.


On January 1, 2007, Rev. Travis L. Biller began his duties as our pastor.


Kilbourne Park Baptist Church remains a strong beacon of hope and redemption today. The ministry of its members has touched the lives of people throughout the Columbia area and around the world. Thus we begin another chapter in the history of our much-loved church begun 80 years ago.


Currently Kilbourne Park has an annual budget of $514,717 and a resident membership of 402 persons with a total membership of 789.